About Us

We are a specialist educational leadership search, development and strategy company investing in leaders today and for the future.

Who we are

We bring together a wealth of experience in education, best practice approaches from a corporate consulting environment and leverage our global knowledge of innovation and future focused education.

A leading distinction of HCA is our team of expert consultants.

Our senior consultants have all held executive leadership positions in schools and/or industry, and have an intimate understanding of the current and future educational context.

We have an enviable reputation for sustaining trusted relationships with School Boards and Leadership teams.

Our Values

Our company culture reflects the values that are core to the success of our relationships both internally and externally. Our mission is ‘transforming education one leader at a time so educational communities can thrive’


At Hutton Consulting Australia confidentiality is paramount, safeguarding client and candidate information and contributing to our reputation for reliability and excellence.


Integrity is the bedrock of Hutton Consulting Australia. It's the key to our reputation for providing credible, reliable, and principled educational consulting.


Transparency underlines our commitment to delivering accountable and client-centric educational consulting services.


At Hutton Consulting Australia we believe in providing equal opportunities and embracing diverse perspectives. Inclusivity reflects our commitment to a more equitable and accessible education landscape.


Fostering a culture of creativity encourages fresh ideas and adaptable approaches, enhancing our services, and contributing to positive outcomes for our clients in the ever-evolving educational landscape.

Who we serve

At Hutton Consulting Australia our mission is to serve a diverse spectrum of educational stakeholders. We are dedicated to serving anyone with a vested interest the pursuit of educational excellence.


We support Principals, leaders, and policymakers seeking to improve their educational practices and systems.

School Leaders

We work with School Leaders and aspiring leaders to develop their leadership skills and help them realise their educational and career goals.

Boards and Systems

We provide expert consulting services to educational
institutions, ranging from primary and secondary schools to higher education and vocational institutions.

executive model of leadership

Meet Our Team


Fiona Hutton

Founder & Managing Director

Rob Sieben

Operations Manager

Jann Robinson OAM

Senior Associate
michael bignell - hutton consulting

Michael Bignill

Senior Education Consultant

Tracey Hickey

Senior Education Consultant

Christophe Menage

Senior Education Consultant

Tanya Thornton

Executive Assistant - Directors

Janelle Tallis

Administrative Assistant

Aine Maher

Senior Associate

Peter Hutton

Director - Finance