The Students

Students become Hills Grammarians at different ages, from three to eighteen years old, boys or girls. Our student population is diverse, not only in age, but also in abilities, in backgrounds, in interests and in aspirations. It is our very great privilege to work with each student and it is the responsibility of all members of our community to assist each young person to discover and nurture their talents, passions and skills, ensuring they graduate from our school with a wide range of interests, abilities and increased capacity to take their place and contribute in a rapidly changing world. This School aspiration for each student is captured in the words of our Graduate Aim which allows for both shared and individual outcomes.

If a child or young person leaves the School exactly the same as they entered then an opportunity has been missed, wasted or ignored.

Hills aims to create the best possible environment to foster their love of learning, their talents and their innate curiosity. Their social and emotional development is essential to all programs at Hills Grammar.