Craig Tegel – Chair of Council

Lisa Ainsworth – Deputy Chair of Council

Hills Grammar is a not-for-profit registered Australian public company limited by guarantee. School Council, empowered by the School’s Constitution and accountable under Corporations Law, acts as the ‘Board of Trustees’ ensuring responsible financial management and governance. Council’s focus is on sustainability, ensuring Hills Grammar remains relevant to current students and those to come, long into the future.

Council meetings are held monthly, from February to November. Council is assisted in its work by two standing committees including Finance and Governance Committees. Council has delegated management responsibility for the School to the Principal who enjoys a high degree of operational autonomy balanced with a high level of accountability to Council.

The current Councillors offer diverse professional skills and backgrounds. Some are parents, former parents or alumni. There are four office-bearers, Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer and Council Secretary, who are elected by Council annually. All Councillors serve in a voluntary capacity and are bound by a code of conduct. No Councillor receives a financial or other benefit from the School.

Council Members:

  • Craig Tegel
  • Lisa Ainsworth
  • Darby To
  • Jennifer Chenhall
  • Matthew Codrington
  • Charles Denes
  • Anne Hastings
  • Amanda Hayes
  • Lani Lopes
  • Peter Natale
  • Belinda Vassallo
  • Stephen Weller

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