School Innovation

Drawing on the latest research and his unique experiences as Principal of Templestowe College in Melbourne, Peter Hutton has formed the Future Schools Alliance (FSA). 

The FSA is committed to significantly improving the lives of young people by transforming the education system. The FSA provides guidance to School Leaders on HOW to build unique learning communities that equip students for times of exponential change. At an individual level, the team at FSA consults with schools to innovate within each individual context.

All schools are different. Many educational change initiatives have failed to be fully embedded due to the one size fits all approach taken to educational change. 

The FSA team offer frameworks, tools and methods to support your change initiatives, yet you maintain full autonomy over your school’s innovation agenda, so you determine what you adopt, and the pace at which you adopt it. 

Peter Hutton
Peter Hutton
Director – Future Schools Alliance & Innovation consultant