Brian Dodd

Campus Principal (Yarra Junction) – CIRE Services Inc

Following a search conducted by Hutton Consulting Australia, CIRE Services Inc has appointed Brian Dodd as the Campus Principal (Yarra Junction). Brian is an experienced school Principal, his most recent such role, Principal of the Alice Springs Steiner School. Prior to his time as a Principal, Brian gained experience as a primary and secondary teacher, following on from his earlier work as a youth worker and teacher in a custodial institution. He describes himself as a leader who endeavours to bring both empathy and understanding to all his interactions and relationships, believing these to be foundational qualities in meeting the needs of others.

Brian has a reputation for exercising a high degree of creativity in devising educational programs to suit the needs of students in his care. He understands the need for differentiated approaches to teaching and learning and recognises the failure of a one size fits all approach. He has written many stories and dramatic plays, created songs, provided opportunities for major and minor project work, turned classrooms into experiential learning spaces for weeks at a time depending on the subject matter and provided opportunities to experience the world directly through major excursions and camps. All this, whilst juggling the demands of leadership.

In his own words, “Leadership has taught me to listen from a non-judgemental space, to walk in the shoes of others and to value whatever ‘effort’ looks like in the struggle that life offers.”

Hutton Consulting Australia congratulates Brian on his appointment.