Rosa Storelli

Senior Associate

Rosa is an educational consultant, mentor and advisor and in association with Hutton Consulting, provides exemplary mentoring to Principals and senior school leaders.

Rosa is renowned for her success in establishing Methodist Ladies College as a national and international leader in educational innovation and is a former Deputy Chancellor of The University of Melbourne as well as Adjunct Professor in the School of Education at LaTrobe University.  Rosa brings extensive experience mentoring school leaders, supporting experienced Principals as well as talented, emerging leaders within Australia and at a global level.  She has coaching qualifications from the Institute of Executive Coaching and University of British Columbia – Group leadership and Team Dynamics.  In addition, Rosa is a graduate of the Aspen Institute, a highly acclaimed Leadership Institute frequented by President Barak Obama, U.S Secretary of State, Madeline Albright and many other notable leaders.  However, as Rosa herself attests, it is her ‘hands-on’ experience in the demands and rewards of day-to-day school life which she most readily draws upon in her mentoring role.