Future Foresight & Strategic Planning

We are assisting schools to create the innovative learning environments they seek to design. This transformational effort requires educators to apply foresight to their strategic planning process, to broaden the ideas generated and, to understand their pathway towards change. Foresight expands the range of options available in the future, thus encouraging a participatory
and systematic exploration of multiple future scenarios. This exploration supports the development of future focussed and innovative school strategic plans.

By developing a range of views, of possible ways in which the future could develop, and understanding these sufficiently well enough to decide what decisions can be taken today to create the best possible future for tomorrow, schools take the first step towards designing transformative educational environments. Foresight, therefore, is the ability to see through the apparent confusion, to identify developments before they become trends, to see patterns before they emerge, and to grasp relevant features of social currents that are likely to shape the future direction of education.

This level of inquiry helps to ensure that schools are providing the educational landscape that supports students to be equipped for their future. We bring to our strategic planning work, a well-developed foresight methodology so that schools and leadership teams can design the future they want for their community, and be at the forefront of educational thinking and action. A passion for, and knowledge of real transformation and innovation provides the purpose for our relationships with organisations.