Executive Search & Leadership Development

 Hutton Consulting has grown from a desire to see experienced educational leaders influencing and engaging in the recruitment processes involved in executive search and the appointment of middle and senior leaders in non-government schools within Australia. Supporting schools to deliver high-quality education is both our profession and our passion. Together, we have a combined educational experience of over 150 years, with more than 100 years of senior leadership experience in Victorian Independent Schools. Hutton Consulting believe in honesty, integrity, transparency and discretion. We value our client’s reputation above all other considerations. Hutton Consulting believe in the transformational ability of making the best hires, and the value of an open and thorough process to aid the identification and development of leaders in the educational sector. We utilise rigorous candidate selection criteria, based on sound industry-recognised criteria, which provides the school community with assurance that key leadership appointments have been made objectively. We are committed to building a reputation where we ensure a positive experience for you as our client, but also for the applicants. This ensures that we act professionally and with care, offering sound career guidance and building lasting relationships through consistency, honesty and mutual respect.