Executive Leadership Development

Senior Leadership Review and 3600 Appraisal


Schools operate in a highly competitive and dynamic environment where Principals, Heads and leaders are required to be highly knowledgeable, intuitive, personable, innovative, adaptive to change and strategic in their thinking. 

The School Leadership Review process allows leaders to celebrate strengths, identify areas requiring development, establish measurable and achievable goals and set identifiable priorities as benchmarked against the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) Professional Standards for Principals and School Leaders.

What Hutton Consulting offers

The Hutton Consulting 3600 Principal Appraisal Tool Kit is a three-stage process contextualised for use by Boards, Principals, Deputy Principals and Senior Leadership Teams / Executive in schools for developmental insight.

Principal and Senior Leadership Mentoring


The most recentPrincipal Health and Wellbeing Survey found that Principals across government and non-government schools are under considerable performance stress. It is crucial that Principals respond proactively to this level of stress in themselves and in their team.

Part of a leader’s responsibilities require that she/he takes control of their own and their leadership team’s health and wellbeing and professional growth. By engaging with trustworthy, qualified, confidential and experienced coaches and mentors, leaders initiate a positive culture and model the importance of utilising leadership coaching and support.

What Hutton Consulting Offers

  • Regular personalised sessions for the Principal/leader to support them in their role, drawing on Hutton Consulting’s extensive leadership experiences to guide critical thinking for positive outcomes;
  • Senior educational consultants work informally with the Principal / leader as a sounding-board, an encourager, a confidante, coach, mentor and professional friend;
  • The Principal/leader has access to skilled, confidential and independent third-party educators, allowing a non-judgemental, yet professional and expert, resource.

Principal and Senior Leadership Interview Preparation


Aspirational and capable senior leaders in schools enable high-quality educational outcomes and rejuvenation and growth within the leadership team. As internal and external leadership opportunities arise, candidates are required to have professional and targeted application letters, professional curriculum vitae and an articulate and engaging interview presence.

What Hutton Consulting Offers

Hutton Consulting provides a comprehensive and affirming process, preparing and coaching senior leaders to maximise their interview presence in the lead up to application and interview. This involves:

  • review and revision of curriculum vitae in alignment with the AITSL Standards for School Principals and Leaders;
  • review of letters of application and concise response to key selection criteria
  • formal interview practice, aligning questions with the AITSL Standards for School Principals and school leaders and;
  • comprehensive personalised feedback