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We consistently identify, source, meet and assess educational leaders who fit each unique educational context.


“When principals, along with their leadership team, understand and value their role in leadership development,
they become key enablers to finding and developing future leaders.” (AITSL – Leading for impact)


The process of securing high quality Principals, Senior and Middle leaders is time consuming, expensive and complex. Sourcing and selecting the right candidate is crucial in ensuring consistency of school culture and successful implementation of key strategic programs.

“Effective recruitment and selection processes gather high-quality information through well-designed and targeted recruitment activities. They place emphasis on actual behaviours and actions demonstrating application of personal qualities and impact on teaching and learning, rather than qualifications and perceptions of personal qualities that are not substantiated by evidence.” (AITSL-Principal Preparation)


By appointing quality leaders, schools are not only building a reputation for their school in the development of leaders of the future, but also directly impacting the positive learning opportunities and outcomes for the students.

What Hutton Consulting Offers

Hutton’s experienced senior educators and leadership search professionals have a reputation for sustaining positive relationships within the education sector across Australia.  This has resulted in hundreds of successful leadership appointments.  Hutton works closely with Boards, Principals and school leaders to provide a rigorous yet streamlined process, thereby ensuring the right fit for both the successful candidate and the school.

HCA uses the Australian Professional Standard for Principals to assess and benchmark leaders in the Education sector. We are particularly adept at building high performance teams. Our highly interpersonal approach and investment in the development of leaders ensures that all candidates are provided with specific feedback to facilitate their growth as leaders.

LEADERSHIP Search  Process
Establish the brief with client
Stakeholder engagement meeting with School Community
Source and Establish a list of Potential Candidates
Advertising Campaign
Formal pre-screening interview
School based interviews
Reference check and social media checks
Successful Appointment


Nicole Mangelsdorf
Principal - Kilbreda College
Appointment of Business Manager

Hutton Consulting Australia led the recruitment of a new Business Manager for Kilbreda College. I was extremely happy with the recruitment process from start to finish and would certainly engage them again.  The breadth and quality of applicants that they sourced was most impressive and far greater than any number of advertisements would have attracted. Amanda took the time to develop an understanding of not only the role, but also the culture of the College and the type of Business Manager we were seeking.  As a result the candidates put forward to the panel for shortlisting were well suited to role not only in terms of their qualifications and experience but also their personal attributes. Hutton’s communication and organisational skills were excellent throughout.  The appointment made has been an excellent one for our College and would not have eventuated without Hutton’s leadership of the recruitment process.

Craig Tegal
Chair - Hills Grammar School
Appointment of Principal

Hutton Consulting was an outstanding partner to support the recruitment process for the next leader (principal) of our School. As an independent co-educational School we were keen to talk to a range of high quality candidates. Fiona Hutton and her team gave us that range and made the selection process as smooth as possible, with a sensitivity and care that allowed us to feel like a part of their team. Our thanks to Hutton Consulting for all their support, knowledge and insight into our unique context and for the high level of service that restored my faith in recruitment!

Patricia A Cowling
Board Director - Siena College, Melbourne
Appointment of Principal

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful way in which you have shepherded us through what has been a big task for us as Board at Siena in seeking our new Principal.  You have been so good to work with, so very thorough in your note-taking and in ensuring that the process was highly professional, considerate of all stakeholders (and angles), appreciative and respectful of all applicants,  and very much in tune with what was best for Siena.’

Melinda Izvekov
Chair - Crest Education, Victoria
Appointment of Executive Principal

We recently had the privilege of working with Fiona Hutton when needing to recruit our new Executive Principal, it is a daunting task and carries a heavy burden but after one meeting with Fiona we knew we were in the right hands. We can’t speak more highly of Fiona and her team, she is thoughtful and thorough, professional and has great knowledge and insight and is well respected in the education sector. You can trust Fiona with your school!

Linda Douglas
Principal- Ruyton Girls’ School, Melbourne
Appointment of Head of Junior School

Fiona’s involvement and leadership of the process from start to end has been most professional. Her attention to detail, flexibility in assisting with all parts of the process, care of the candidates, ability to listen and to distil the needs of the school are exemplary.

Fiona’s understanding of our particular educational context is deep and enables her to find the candidate of best fit. Fiona is unique in this space, providing detailed and personalised feedback to candidates as they progress through the process, offering suggestions for where they can improve future applications.

Her honesty is refreshing, and working closely with her I have observed her to be kind, generous, insightful and transparent.’

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Founder & Director Executive Search
Rob Siben_87
Rob Sieben
Operations Manager