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Hutton Consulting Australia is a leading educational company partnering with schools in a range of service areas. We have successfully completed hundreds leadership roles across the Government, Catholic and Independent sectors. As former Principals and executive leaders with senior leadership experience in schools and education settings, we are well positioned to share our insightful knowledge and expertise to assist you in progressing your career.

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Hutton’s senior consultants conduct tailored and strategic conversations with leaders wishing to plan a purposeful pathway within the educational sector.  The 1:1 Career Consultation is a one-hour session devoted to supporting you in your leadership development. Working individually with one of our expert Education Consultants, we will guide you through making a personal development plan to help you develop yourself as a leader. These consultations can focus on your current role or support you in preparing for you next step.

What We Offer

Hutton Consulting Australia offers a confidential and collaborative approach to supporting your career development goals. Whether you are look for career progression, developing your capacity in your current role, returning to Australia or support on applications, our career consultation services can assist you. This involves:

  • Creating your leadership narrative
  • Guidance on CV structure & cover letter formation
  • Addressing the position description criteria and bringing the right examples
  • Creating an inspiring presence in interview & developing depth to your responses
  • Promoting your leadership profile
  • Coaching and mentoring services
  • Guidance on current study options

New Candidates

Candidates who are new to Hutton Consulting Australia can click here to book a complimentary 20-minute introductory 1:1 CAREER CONSULTATION with one of our Senior Education Consultants.


New or existing candidates can click here to book a 1-hour 1:1 CAREER CONSULTATION with one of our Senior Education Consultants.


Career Coaching is for education professionals committed to ongoing personal growth in their role and career. The purpose of coaching is to enable professional growth, improvement in practice and a pathway for professional learning and career transition. This process is confidential, supportive and objective, a way to reinforce and encourage effectiveness and development for senior leaders and to provide future pathways in relation to employment. We also offer coaching packages for school Leadership teams.


Hutton Consulting Australia provides confidential coaching to support and guide the development of your professional capacity and your education career. This involves:

  • Six sessions (neg.) shaped by your professional career goals and your individual development needs:
  • A growth coaching model that supports autonomy and encourages personal accountability.
  • Coaching sessions which can be a combination of in person, via zoom and phone.
  • All coaching taking place within the academic school year.

Please contact the office for bookings or more information admin@hutton.education or 0488 426 035


Our seminars give you the skills you need to make your leadership capacity visible. If you are a teacher, emerging leader or looking to step up in leadership, these seminars will guide you to developing your profile and capacity. Held throughout the year, you have the opportunity to meet other educators and listen to and work with guest speakers and experts in leadership skills and development.  We have carefully crafted workshops on a range of key areas to ensure your leadership profile, knowledge and understanding are contributing to your success. It’s a cost-effective way to increase your leadership capacity and guarantee your profile reflects your abilities. We focus out seminar series on five key areas which we identify as being essential areas for growth for aspiring and current school leaders.

Topics include:

  • Creating your Professional Profile
  • CV structure and cover letter formation
  • Developing your Professional Identity
  • Professional Conversations
  • Financial literacy – the missing 33%

Please contact the office for bookings or more information admin@hutton.education or 0488 426 035

Interview Preparation

Aspirational and capable senior leaders in schools enable high-quality educational outcomes and rejuvenation and growth within the leadership team. As internal and external leadership opportunities arise, candidates are required to have professional and targeted application letters, professional curriculum vitae and an articulate and engaging interview presence.

What We Offer

Hutton Consulting Australia provides a comprehensive and affirming process, preparing and coaching senior leaders to maximise their interview presence in the lead up to application and interview. This involves:

  • Review and revision of curriculum vitae in alignment with the AITSL Standards for School Principals and Leaders;
  • Review of letters of application and concise response to key selection criteria
  • Formal interview practice, aligning questions with the AITSL Standards for School Principals and school leaders and;
  • Comprehensive personalised feedback

It is important to note that this service is not offered to candidates whilst they are in a process being run by Hutton Consulting Australia.

New or existing candidates can click here to book a 1-hour 1:1 CAREER CONSULTATION with one of our Senior Education Consultants.

Principal and Senior Leadership Mentoring

The most recent Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey found that Principals across government and non-government schools are under considerable performance stress. It is crucial that Principals respond proactively to this level of stress in themselves and in their team.

Part of a leader’s responsibilities require that she/he takes control of their own and their leadership team’s health and wellbeing and professional growth. By engaging with trustworthy, qualified, confidential and experienced coaches and mentors, leaders initiate a positive culture and model the importance of utilising leadership coaching and support.

What we Offer

  • Regular personalised sessions for the Principal/leader to support them in their role, drawing on Hutton Consulting’s extensive leadership experiences to guide critical thinking for positive outcomes;
  • Senior educational consultants work informally with the Principal / leader as a sounding-board, an encourager, a confidante, coach, mentor and professional friend;
  • The Principal/leader has access to skilled, confidential and independent third-party educators, allowing a non-judgemental, yet professional and expert, resource.

Principal and Senior Leadership review


Schools operate in a competitive and dynamic environment where Principals and Senior leaders are required to be highly knowledgeable, intuitive, personable, innovative, adaptive to change and strategic in their thinking.

Executive leaders in successful schools should be able to demonstrate capacity and knowledge and, where applicable, provide evidence of practice which supports the key elements of leadership efficacy in line with the Australian Professional Standard for Principals.

What Hutton Consulting Offers

The Hutton Consulting 360 degree Leadership Appraisal Tool Kit is designed  to elicit information and perceptions from colleagues alongside a detailed self-reflection from the Principal or Senior Leader with a view to providing insight and developmental feedback on how the Principal or Senior Leader operates in their leadership role within the school.
The Hutton Consulting 360 degree Leadership Appraisal Tool Kit is a three-stage process contextualised for use by Boards, Principals, Deputy Principals and Senior Leadership Teams / Executive in schools for developmental insight.

The Hutton Consulting 360 degree Leadership Appraisal Tool Kit assists Leaders to:

  • affirm strengths and challenges.
  • identify aspects of the Principal’s leadership in need of development and/or Improvement.
  • identify perceptions of those working under or alongside the Principal, and to analyse, review and reflect.
  • establish goals, priorities and action plans.
Josie Crisara
Principal- Aitken College, Victoria

‘Having the opportunity to discuss a broad range of topics with an experienced leader was beneficial as well as having a coach to challenge one’s thinking. Topics discussed included strategic planning, improving school and staff capacity and establishing a Foundation.’

Kate Giles
Head of Junior School- Ruyton Girls’ School, Melbourne

‘Thank you Fiona, for being such a wonderful source of guidance and support throughout the last few months. You have been so generous with your time and in particular, your thoughtful feedback has enabled me to learn and grow enormously. I want you to know that you’ve had an incredible impact on me as an emerging leader in education and I couldn’t be more grateful for your mentorship.’

Elizabeth Heitmeyer
Head of Performing Arts - The Scots School Albury, NSW

“Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about my future career development. It has really helped to clarify my thinking and I appreciate your experienced advice. I thoroughly enjoyed our session.”

Anne Harris
Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning - John Wollaston Anglican Community School, WA

“I really valued speaking with Fiona after completing an interview for an executive position with Hutton Consulting. It was the best feedback I have ever had – honest, constructive and encouraging. I now have some concrete strategies to use in my next interview. Fiona also gave me some suggestions to consider that will be very useful in strengthening facets of my own leadership.”

Nicole Timbrell
Deputy Principal Innovation and Design - Cornish College, Victoria

“Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and wise words throughout the last three months. My engagement with you and the whole team at Hutton Consulting has sparked an incredible period of professional growth, which I am certain will continue in my new working environment. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship as I commence my Deputy Principal position at Cornish.”

Claire Johns
Director of Productions and Drama Teacher - Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar, Victoria

“Thank you for your support in this process, Fiona. I have never worked with an executive search company before and it was a delightful experience. I’m so excited about the new start and meeting the students.”

Jane Ward
Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching - Kilbreda College, Victoria

“Thank you for taking the time to provide real feedback today, not just, “we had more experienced people apply”. The follow up discussion provided me with something tangible to work with and ways to grow and move forward.”


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