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FIONA hutton

Fiona is a regular keynote speaker at educational conferences in the area of leadership development and is a member of the Global Educational Leadership Partnership (GELP).

Topics include:

  • The Missing 33% in senior leadership
  • Developing your professional profile
  • Women In Leadership – addressing the gender gap in Education
  • Creating a confident and inspiring presence in interviews
Peter hutton

Peter Hutton is the Co-Founder and Director of the Future Schools Alliance and for 25 years has been a school leader in four state and independent schools.  His areas of expertise also include change management, student entrepreneurship, alternative tertiary pathways, supporting dyslexic students and futurism. His work with Templestowe College (TC) has been recognised by Finland’s HundrED organisation as one of the most innovative schools in the world and he also featured on 60 Minutes, The Project and The Drum. Peter is represented by the speakers agency ICMI:

Topics include:

  1. The future of education
  2. Leading the ed-Revolution in your classroom and school
  3. From student voice to student empowerment
  4. Questioning assumptions and Challenging paradigms
  5. Working with Twenty-somethings
Rob Sieben

Rob is a regular speaker on a range of educational topics, including:

  • An introduction to Cognitive Load Theory and its implications for the classroom
  • Financial management – what every school leader needs to understand
  • Evidence-based decision making – what constitutes data?
  • Managing the STEM agenda
  • Integrating coding across the curriculum

He presented at the 2018 International Cognitive Load Theory Conference in Beijing on using Cognitive load theory to enhance learning in a minimally-guided STEM-rich activity.

JEMIMA hutton

Jemima was formally diagnosed as being dyslexic when she was fifteen years old, but she has always been aware that she saw the world a little differently to most people. Her reading speed is slower than 98% of the population. Throughout her years of schooling she developed many learning strategies to work around her academic difficulties and hatred of reading.

She was so successful in applying these strategies, that in 2017 Jemima achieved two perfect subject scores in VCE, was Dux of her school, and even won the school VCE English Academic Prize, even though she did not read the novels…well at least not with her eyes. She is now studying medicine at University of Queensland.

Jemima’s aim is to inspire all students, especially those with learning challenges, and to assist staff, students and parents by sharing the wide range of learning strategies which helped her to achieve her goals.

Find out more about Dyslexia Demystified

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