Organisational Structure review


A comprehensive and independent Organisational Review Review enables schools, Boards and Principals to build capacity, enable compliance with regulation, identify opportunity, and ensure contemporary, forward-thinking and dynamic educational practice and culture.

What Hutton Consulting Offers

Each review is specifically tailored to the needs and purposes of the Board and Principal. The process encompasses a sequence and includes, and is not limited to, comprehensive reviews of:

  • the existing school strategic and school-improvement plan (progress, reporting structure and opportunity);
  • governance and leadership (structure and performance);
  • administration structures (suitability and functionality);
  • leadership and school culture;
  • school communication practices;
  • futures-focused strategy and practice;
  • teaching and Learning focus and outcomes;
  • policy and compliance;
  • student and staff wellbeing focus and outcomes and;
  • learning-centred facilities and functionality for purpose.


Principal and Senior Leadership review


Schools operate in a competitive and dynamic environment where Principals and Senior leaders are required to be highly knowledgeable, intuitive, personable, innovative, adaptive to change and strategic in their thinking.

Executive leaders in successful schools should be able to demonstrate capacity and knowledge and, where applicable, provide evidence of practice which supports the key elements of leadership efficacy in line with the Australian Professional Standard for Principals.

What Hutton Consulting Offers

The Hutton Consulting 360 degree Leadership Appraisal Tool Kit is designed  to elicit information and perceptions from colleagues alongside a detailed self-reflection from the Principal or Senior Leader with a view to providing insight and developmental feedback on how the Principal or Senior Leader operates in their leadership role within the school.
The Hutton Consulting 360 degree Leadership Appraisal Tool Kit is a three-stage process contextualised for use by Boards, Principals, Deputy Principals and Senior Leadership Teams / Executive in schools for developmental insight.

The Hutton Consulting 360 degree Leadership Appraisal Tool Kit assists Leaders to:

  • affirm strengths and challenges.
  • identify aspects of the Principal’s leadership in need of development and/or Improvement.
  • identify perceptions of those working under or alongside the Principal, and to analyse, review and reflect.
  • establish goals, priorities and action plans.
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