SChool review


A comprehensive and independent School Review enables schools, Boards and Principals to build capacity, enable compliance with regulation, identify opportunity, and ensure contemporary, forward-thinking and dynamic educational practice and culture.

What Hutton Consulting Offers

Each review is specifically tailored to the needs and purposes of the Board and Principal. The process encompasses a sequence and includes, and is not limited to, comprehensive reviews of:

  • the existing school strategic and school-improvement plan (progress, reporting structure and opportunity);
  • governance and leadership (structure and performance);
  • administration structures (suitability and functionality);
  • leadership and school culture;
  • school communication practices;
  • futures-focused strategy and practice;
  • teaching and Learning focus and outcomes;
  • policy and compliance;
  • student and staff wellbeing focus and outcomes and;
  • learning-centred facilities and functionality for purpose.


Strategic Planning


A contemporary strategic plan engages and unifies the whole school community through common values and purpose. A successful plan helps to establish a clear and shared understanding of the school’s strategic direction for the next three years expressed through well-articulated goals, guiding principles and a clear mission statement.

What Hutton Consulting Offers

Hutton Consulting leads an inclusive and comprehensive strategic planning process by strengthening the leadership team around the Principal. The strategic planning process involves all key stakeholders, including students if required, in rejuvenating school missions, developing strategic priorities and the guiding principles which support them. The process is designed to reduce the time required for Principals to be immersed in the operations and allows them more time to lead the vision that drives the strategic plan.

Hutton Consulting’s strategic planning process may involve a presentation from the Director of Future Schools Alliance Director and Global Key Note Speaker Peter Hutton, addressing the future direction of Australian education.

• Review the exisiting strategic plan
• Interview and consult key stakeholders
• Survey broader community of key stakeholders

• Analyse survey results
• Present to key stakeholder forums
• Convene Focus Groups

• Establish core values
• Review and revise Mission Statement
• Establish strategic (education) priorities
• Identify guiding principles

• Finalise action plans
• Identify key stakeholder responsibilities
• Establish timelines
• Establish reporting mechanisms.

Administration Review
and Restructure


Schools require professional, efficient, well structure and coordinated administration to ensure smooth enrolment processes, effective communication to key stakeholders and the public, and effective, sound and structured fundraising strategies.

What Hutton Consulting Offers

Senior Education Consultants work closely with the Principal and Business Manager to review, revise and develop effective, efficient and professional administration structures. This involves:

  • a comprehensive and evidence-based review of the school’s administrative functions and staffing;
  • the development of effective staffing structures that fit the size and complexity of the school;
  • the revision of organisational structures, and development of position descriptions for new and revised positions;
  • consultation regarding the sourcing, recruitment and appointment of appropriate candidates for positions and advice relating to incumbent staff.
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