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Organisational Structure review


A comprehensive and independent Organisational Review Review enables schools, Boards and Principals to build capacity, enable compliance with regulation, identify opportunity, and ensure contemporary, forward-thinking and dynamic educational practice and culture.

What Hutton Consulting Offers

Each review is specifically tailored to the needs and purposes of the Board and Principal. The process encompasses a sequence and includes, and is not limited to, comprehensive reviews of:

  • the existing school strategic and school-improvement plan (progress, reporting structure and opportunity);
  • governance and leadership (structure and performance);
  • administration structures (suitability and functionality);
  • leadership and school culture;
  • school communication practices;
  • futures-focused strategy and practice;
  • teaching and Learning focus and outcomes;
  • policy and compliance;
  • student and staff wellbeing focus and outcomes and;
  • learning-centred facilities and functionality for purpose.


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