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About Us

Fiona Hutton, Executive Search and Leadership Development

Fiona has successfully moved from a distinguished educational career teaching and leading predominantly in a range of independent schools, into Executive Search and Development, forming her own national company with a specific focus in guiding and advising middle and senior leaders in addition to sourcing leaders for executive search appointments. Her client portfolio includes leading schools in the Independent and Catholic sectors. Hutton Consulting has completed numerous assignments and is considered a specialist company within the Independent Education Sector.

Fiona manages senior leadership appointments from single campus to large, multi-campus, single-sex and co-educational schools across Australia. Her knowledge and experience in the Education sector has been honed over 22 years as a senior educator, in particular within some of Melbourne’s most prestigious and independent schools. Fiona has developed a deep and extensive network and regularly speaks at Educational Conferences on topics such as ‘The Missing 33% in Female Leaders’ ‘Placing yourself in the current employment landscape’ and ‘To Boarding and Beyond’. Prior to teaching and leading schools, Fiona built a successful piano teaching business and performed professionally as a classical vocalist. She served on the Melbourne Vicentre Swimming Club Board from 2012 – 2014 and also as a Director on the WaterPolo Victoria Board from 2015 – 2016. Fiona holds a Bachelor of Education in Music from Melbourne University and a Masters in Education (Leadership & Management) from Monash University.

Hutton Consulting is fortunate to have the services of a range of experienced educational leaders who lend their wisdom and expertise for Executive Search appointments.

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PH head and shoulders

Peter Hutton - Future Schools Alliance Innovation Consultant

Peter sees the world differently and habitually challenges assumptions and conventions. Over the past eight years as Principal of Templestowe College (TC) in Melbourne, Peter transformed a ‘school of last resort’ with just 286 students, into a school of over 1100 and recognised by Finland’s HundrED organisation as one of the most innovative in the world.

With 25 years in education including 20 years in school leadership in both the Independent and State sectors, Peter witnessed first-hand how top down educational reform had failed. In response he developed an innovative change culture, where students are actively encouraged to ‘Take Control’ of their own learning. TC students have the option of three starting times, there are no year levels and each student has an individualised learning plan where they choose from over 150 electives. Students sit on staff selection panels, provide feedback to teachers every 5 weeks, run more than 50 of their own businesses, furthermore TC employs over 100 students to help run the school. Peter believes it is time for educators to also Take Control of their classrooms, schools and communities.

Drawing on the latest research and his unique experiences at TC, Peter has formed the Future Schools Alliance (FSA). The FSA is committed to significantly improving the lives of young people by transforming the education system. The FSA provides guidance to School Leaders on HOW to build unique learning communities that equip students for times of exponential change.

Peter is an experienced keynote speaker at International Conferences, has featured on ’60 minutes’  ‘The Project’ and his TedX presentation has been viewed 170,000 times. He co-presented a 40 minute session with Sir Ken Robinson and Dan Haesler at the Future Schools Conference. Peter will continue his work on implementing alternative models of tertiary entrance with Swinburne and other Universities as well as creating greater awareness and supports around students with dyslexia.

Peter has a Bachelor of Economics and a Masters in Education from Monash University. He is now consulting to a range of schools and the Corporate sector through Future Schools Alliance and Hutton Consulting, working with executive teams and leaders in the areas of Innovation and Change Management, Leadership Development, Culture Development and Futures Planning.

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Bruce Simons – Executive Search, Principal and Senior Leadership Mentoring, Strategic Planning, Principal and Board Appraisal, Governance, Conflict Resolution, International Education and Fundraising/Philanthropic Development

Bruce’s varied experience in educational leadership roles and his energy for re-imagining education combine to produce an insightful and personable member of the Hutton team. Bruce has been a transformational School Leader for 18 years, and his expertise includes strategic planning, senior leadership mentoring and school re-positioning.
Throughout his career Bruce has strived to serve the independent schools sector by implementing effective change and guiding school leadership at senior levels. Bruce has innovatively met the challenges and reaped the success for suburban and regional schools, here in Australia and overseas. Most recently Bruce held the position of CEO at Lord Somers Camp and Powerhouse in Melbourne. Bruce is able to speak into educational, leadership and business sectors associated with educational change with an experienced and qualified voice, having continued his professional development into Educational Leadership and Change, and Educational Policy and Administration.

Having served on the Boards and Executive of Independent Schools Victoria (ISV), Associated Heads of Independent Schools Australia (AHISA, Victorian Branch) and the Victorian Ecumenical Schools System VESS, Bruce is well acquainted with the responsibilities and demands such senior leadership entails and also the potential to create change at this level. Bruce is well regarded within his network, which spans across Australia and internationally.

At Hutton Consulting, Bruce takes the role of Senior Educational Consultant, working with schools in the areas of Executive Search, Principal and Senior Leadership, Mentoring, School Review, Strategic Planning, Principal and Board Appraisal, Conflict Resolution, International Education and Fundraising/Philanthropic Development.

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Helen Bardell - Office Manager

Helen joined Hutton Consulting as Office Manager in 2017. She brings with her a broad range of experience and skills, both in the corporate sector and in education.

After completing a Bachelor of Science Honours degree from Canterbury Christ Church College in England, Helen took an opportunity to study Italian in Florence and Siena. She then worked in Tuscany as an overseas representative for a UK Tourism company. On her return to England, Helen qualified to teach English as an additional language and worked with corporate clients preparing for negotiations and overseas students preparing for IELTS exams for university entrance in UK. After emigrating to Australia Helen took an administration position in a large independent school assisting, and then administering, the Junior School office.

Wishing to return to the classroom Helen further studied and subsequently took a position in a secondary school as a support staff member working with students with additional needs and students from a refugee background requiring English language support.

Now as a qualified editor and writer and with a desire to see change in the leadership of schools and the engagement of students, Helen is delighted to join the Hutton Consulting team.

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About Us

David Runge, Executive Search (Boarding) and Future Forecasting

David’s educational leadership and boarding experience provides him with a wealth of contemporary knowledge and a unique insight into the needs of schools. This strong understanding about what is current in education offers a valuable foundation from which to work with schools to meet their staffing needs in a manner that helps them realise their strategic objectives.

His qualifications include a Master of Education (Leadership & Management) from Flinders University, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Commerce (Deakin University). David’s areas of study include strategy design, innovation and leadership. David has been trained in the delivery of Positive Education and has worked with Schools, sporting organisations and individuals to construct tailored wellbeing programs. Passionate about the future of education he is a regular contributor to the educational dialogue and has spoken at a range of Educational Conferences around Australia.

David has worked with leading educational institutions, assisting them to source staff that fit their culture and meet their evolving needs.

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